Volvo fh16 and Scania P1000,4 axle | FS 2017 Mod


Volvo fh16 and Scania P1000,4 axle from Modland for Farming Simulator 2017

Trucks and trailers have their own category.
Washable, dust flies and leaves marks on the road.
When buying trailers or trucks, you can only paint the car and the wheels.
Volvo fh16, 3 bridge, one axle goes down when the truck is fully loaded, (automatically). It is bought with an open dead, it did not come to life, 3D max at export hangs tightly! The driver is animated! Useless rotary axes are removed! The exhaust is corrected!

Scania Р1000,4 axle, front two axles-steering, as well equipped with lifting axle, on boxes J and K there are opened side boxes for small stuff. I fixed the camera from the cabin, as before everything was turned upside down. The same is bought with an open tent. The steering wheel is reworked, as everything was uniform! The driver was animated! The exhaust was corrected, the useless rotary axles were removed,

Trailers are also equipped with an automatic lifting axle, bought with an open tent.

Load capacity: Scania 32000 l, Volvo 32000 l,
Tridem 64000 liters, Trailer 32000 liters.
Working running and parking lights, the instrument panel is not working, the mirrors are not working. the top speed is 83 km / h! otherwise everything is as it was!

TSL / Romario_Agro


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