Beaver Creek Seasons V1D update | FS 2017 Mod


Beaver Creek Seasons V1D update from Modland for Farming Simulator 2017

Follow this and note the end, before you delete any previous V1D from your mods folder you need to load the map and clear the spruce tree production if you have had it running, Let the input supplies run out and then manually push any left over pallets onto the auto sell trigger with a vehicle. If you have vehicles or placeables in this area move or sell them(If you have last weeks update with the newer plants and trees install you need not do this). Also empty product from the Mixers, Separator and Bio Pro as these have been adjusted. Once it’s clear save the game and exit the game. Remove the old Beaver Creek Seasons from your mods folder and place in the new V1D final update and the Kotte Multi Tanker mod included into the mods folder.. Load up the map and then make a save and exit the map and the game. Load up the game and map again and it should all be updated for you now. Note you may loose certain items in storage as certain installed mods have been updated. Also you may loose any previous luzerne as it has all been updated to lucerne now. Any other version of the map that is not V1D will require a new game save. You will find the Kotte Multi Tanker in the shops slurry tanks section and it handle all fluids and triggers in the map including Hmilk. If you do start to get funny things happening start a brand new game.

This update will fix fuel at the milk max, put input usage on the feed mixers at 33% each, the leveller starting position, sawdust to the farm silo, sawdust added to the Compost Master, Separator and Compost Master adjusted, mixer heap alignment, lucerne crop yield increased, adjustments to other multifruit yields and seed usage plus a few other things. You will also get dynamic sky installed and a place at the farm to buy liquid manure.

Last weeks update, Fixes Potato washer heap alignment and movement.
Fix Liquid Fertilizer Triggers on the trees and plants install.
Fix Automatic unloading triggers on my storage tanks with chutes.
Change to the PDA map. I have coloured all the fields in green, you can still see them and the correct overlays are applied but this will work far better for the user’s customising their fields and gives a better visual appearance for them.



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