Ballydorn Farm Gold Edition Map | FS 2017 Mod


Ballydorn Farm Gold Edition Map from Modland for Farming Simulator 2017

Changelog Gold Version:
– Many new objects
– Added more night lighting
– Additional hayshed at livestock farm
– Hayshed roofs raised to take Arcusin Autostacker
– New lightship light
– New slurry tip point at BGA
– Gold nuggets added
– Ferry, ferry terminals and navigation buoys added
– Mahee Island now accessed by ferry
– 4 new fields
– Field prices reduced
– New startup vehicles and machinery
– New PDA with highlighted roads
– New farm silo tip for larger trailers
– Traffic speed reduced to 21MPH

“Stop milk sale” by Marhu, if you wish to sell your own milk and suitable tanker such as “FS17_zunhammer18500PE_Universal”
“Chopped Straw” if you wish to use it. (Map Prepared)
“FS17_Seasons” by RealismusModdding if you wish to use it. (Map Prepared)

As this is the first map I have uploaded I’m not entirely sure who I am supposed to credit. I am certainly the sole author of the map but of course the models, scripts and textures are lifted from other maps and as so many of them appear in so many maps I have no idea who originally built or wrote them. In light of this I can only credit where I found them and if anyone reading this feels they should be mentioned then please let me know and I will add you in.Giants Wouldn’t be here without themBulletBill This map was built from a completely blanked version of Coldborough Park simply for his beautiful textures. Some models and sounds from his map were also used. This map would not exist without the inspiration received from the work of BulletBill and OxygenDavid.CCS101 (FS-UK) Testing, advice and recommendations for improvements (Big thanks on this one). Also objects from Churn FarmFronteir Designs Models from West Coast mapAl_Bundy Ferry Mod[FSM]Atabogo Models sounds and scripts from the Auenbach mapk1ckz/AT-Franken, Fs 17 : Tautvis Models from their Stappenbach MapDaniel Models from NF_Marsh MapAussie_Lee, Oxygendavid Models and sounds from Sandy Bay MapBart – NLD Farmers Models from Green River MapBlacksheep Modding Models from Old Streams MapRealismusModding FS17_SeasonsSkeleton Free Water modmarmoe Right Hand Drive Vehicles


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