Amur-680 v 1.0 | FS 2017 Mod


Amur-680 v 1.0 from Modland for Farming Simulator 2017

The self-propelled forage harvester “Amur-680” is designed for cutting maize and other silage crops with simultaneous grinding and loading into the hopper of the accumulator. Power: 185 l / c. Transport speed: 21 km / h. The volume of the bunker: 12000 liters. Also included: a reaper ZHR-3500 (3.5 m), a ZHUKK-M reaper (5 m), a ZTS-130 reaper (2 m), an RSM For Up 370 picker (3.1 m). Animation of pulleys, gadgets, soundproofing, light technology, washable. The log is clean.

AVSR, Kuzia94, Shnurok, Weder, Chernikoff, den2382


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